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// In the dark districts of the metropolis, a mysterious serial killer strikes down red dressed women. Del, a crime scene photographer, has lost his own wife in the human hecatomb. Through the silence of the streets at night, he is about to encounter the next victim, followed by a strange man...

// RED is a 2011 psychological thriller short film inspired by "films noirs" and graphic novels produced at Supinfocom Valenciennes.
. Directed by Alexandre Charleux, Amaury Brunet, Ning Zhang and Victoria Bruneel.
. Music by Pierre Caillet.
. Sound design by Rodolphe Kay and Benoît Pallandre.

Alex charleux red a4poster

RED (supinfocom 2011 short film)

Alex charleux rough concepts
Alex charleux rough moodboard city01b
Alex charleux rough moodboard streets01b
Alex charleux rough moodboard disturbed01b
Alex charleux bg scene dels board01
Alex charleux bg scene dels board02